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Electric Hopper Cover

Save Time and Protect Your Investment!

As farms grow and harvesters travel further away from the comfort of a storage building, covering you hopper can be a great way to maximize your productivity while protecting the quality of your equipment. Sudden weather can catch you trapped in the field with a full grain tank, don't let mother nature leave you stranded. A hopper cover can protect your grain tank either full or empty and the center roll tarp can be quickly opened and closed by the simple flip of a switch! 

Crary Industries, Inc. has partnered with Michel's Industry, Ltd. to supply the Electric Combine Hopper Covers to the United States. Investing in a hopper cover will protect harvested crop from unexpected weather conditions, provide extra storage and increase the value of your combine.


Every Hopper Cover comes with:

Tension Control & Front Roll Tube Assembly

  • Front roll tube assembly works together with electric drive to provide tension for opening and closing the tarp
Removable Hoods
  • Two interlocking hoods are designed for easy removal
  • Hoods are moulded from high density plastic
  • Specially designed hood clamps are used to attach hoods
Cross Members & Tarp Material
  • Tarp fabric is manufactured from 19 oz. P. V. C.
  • Specially designed cross members are sewn into tarp fabric for added support
  • Specialty moulded track on hoods seals moisture out when tarp is closed
Electrical Assembly & Rotary Switch
  • A 12 Volt DC Motor is a standard feature on all combine hopper cover systems
  • The motor and roll tube assembly is easy to remove
  • The switch is mounted outside the cab

Why you should purchase an electric hopper cover:

  • Quick, Easy Set-up & Take Down - tarp components can easily be removed down to extension height in less than 10 minutes, no tools required.
  • Trouble- Free Storage - after harvest is complete, tarp components can be stored inside the grain tank.
  • Weather Protected - preserve the inside of your hopper and protect harvested crop from sprouting or spoiling when unexpected weather shows up. Hoods are equipped with extended corners to shield out rain.
  • Lightweight- majority of metal components are manufactured from aluminum to reduce weight.
  • Safeguard Your Investment - no need to put your combine in the shed every night. With a hopper cover your grain tanks' interior will stay dry, protecting your investment while adding value to your machine.
  • Keep the Bin Full - leave a full hopper in the field overnight, without worrying if rain or snow will damage the crop.

 Michel's Electric Hopper Covers fit most makes and models of combines. Please call 1.800.247.7335 for specific requests and pricing.

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

How do I get into my shed with a hopper cover on?

If you have a 16 ft. door with standard rubber on your combine you can drive right in. If you don't, the cover is easily folded down to extension height in about 10 minutes and it takes about 10 minutes to put back up again. All you have to do is loosen the knobs on the latch that clamps the hoods to the extension. The hoods are split into two pieces on each side so everything will fold into the grain hopper. The covers are not meant to be taken down every night, but maybe once or twice a season.

How much height does the cover add to my combine?

John Deere 60 and 70 Series add 23 inches above the extension. Case and New Holland are 21 inches above the extension.
•The New Holland CX combines are less, but still does not fit into a 16 ft. door. This model also has one piece hoods, but still fit into the grain tank.

What if I have to fold my extensions in to get into my shed?

Farmers who have to fold their extensions benefit by using a cover. They will take the combine out of the shed, set the extensions and the cover up then keep the combine out for the season. When done for the year they will take the cover down, fold the extensions over top of everything

How many bushels does this cover add to the grain tank?

The cover does not add any bushels, but does not decrease the bushel capacity. It is meant to cover the hopper from moisture. The grain will run out on top of your cab the same as it always does.

Is this cover waterproof?

The cover itself is absolutely waterproof. The only way of getting moisture in the hopper is if you have a hard rain and it hits the extension and runs down, but it is still very minimal.

Do the covers come in different colors?

All models are black with the exception of the John Deere combines, which you can choose from yellow or green.

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