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Cyclone Chaff Spreader

Spread your workload efficiently!

Cyclone's hydraulic spinners maximize distribution, eliminating uneven soil drying and staggered wet strips.  Cyclone also reduces interference with chemicals caused by wet and heavy windrows.

Perfect for larger combines and wider headers.  Tilting Double Disc units allow spinners to adjust for 0 to 10 degrees for more accurate chaff distribution and combine tire clearance.

The Crary Cyclone Chaff Spreader includes:

  • Easy sieve access
  • Adjustable front and rear shields
  • Quick installation
  • Heavy gauge construction
  • Powder coated paint for long-lasting durability

"Very satisfied with the way it spreads in all crops: wheat, soybeans, grass seed, oats and barley. The Cyclone has been very dependable, we have experienced no problems in the three years we have used our Cyclone chaff spreader"
-Borden W. Demoustville, ON

"My biggest problem has been no-till in soybean stubble. Since I've had the Crary Cyclone chaff spreader, I've had no trouble planting without tilling my bean fields."

-Denis D. Elgin, NE


FAQFrequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to using a Cyclone Chaff Spreader?

Chaff and residue are spread evenly, which leads to the following benefits:
*Soil warms evenly, eliminating the blanketing effect.
*Allows ag chemicals to work without being tied up in the soil.
*Eliminates uneven soil drying and staggered wet strips.
*No-Till farming methods are enhanced by preventing plugging of disk openers, improved seed placement and emergence.

What are the diameters of the spinners?

The single spinner diameter is 36 inch and the double uses two 24 inch spinners.

Does the chaff distribute evenly out of the spreader?

The front and rear shields adjust by telescoping in or out to allow control of material being distributed out each side of the chaff spreader.

Does the chaff spreader swing out of the way, so the sieves are accessible?

Yes, the swing away feature is standard on all of our kits. Our chaff spreader swings away with the push of a lever, providing quick and easy access to the sieves.

What is included in the chaff spreader kit?

The Cyclone comes complete with hydraulic motors, hoses, fittings, flow control valves and chaffer flow pans (where needed).

I have a 20 foot header on my combine. Do you recommend using a single spinner or a double spinner chaff spreader?

A single spinner Cyclone would do an excellent job of spreading. For larger header widths and a more accurate job of spreading, we would recommend using our double spinner model.

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