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Stringer Trailer

Easily Transport Drain Tile to Your Field!

Include a Stringer Trailer to complete your Crary Tile Pro package! A Stringer Trailer is essential in keeping your tile plow moving. Quickly, easily and safely haul large spools of drain tile down the road or down the field.  

 Standard Equipment Included with the Stringer Trailer:

  • Walking Tandem Axel
  • Electric Brake Control & Lift Switch with 20' Ruggedized Control Cord
  • Folding Wings for Easy Transport and Storage When Empty
  • Electric Brake for Spool Reel
  • Electric Hydraulic Pump and Lift Cylinder for Easy Spool Loading
  • Manual Lock for Spool
  • Tail Light Kit for Safe Road Travel
  • Large 11L-15 8 Ply Tires Offer Great Floatation
  • Universal Quick-Pin Hitch

Optional Equipment for the Stringer Trailer:

  • Replaceable or Spare Spools for Partial Roll Transport and Storage
  • Wireless Remote
  • Truck Mounted and 3-Point Designs Available
 For more information on Stringer Trailers or Crary Tile Pro Products, please visit
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